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Green Smoothie

on August 2, 2012

My family loves smoothies, or as my daughter calls them…smoothie juice.  Smoothies are my secret weapon in combating post nap-time crankiness (a condition which my daughter suffers from several times a week).   My latest quest has been the creation of a green smoothie which can not only treat PNTC-stricken toddlers but also provide a stealthy mega-serving of highly nutritious veggies for the whole family.

We stuff our vitamix with fresh organic fruits & veggies from the farmer’s market and use this guide to craft our afternoon smoothie snack:

Green Smoothie Guide

  • 50% leafy green veggies (such as spinach, kale, chard & tatsoi)
  • 50% fruit
  • avocado or banana (for creaminess)
  • mint, parsley, lemon or ginger (for added flavor)
  • a handful of nuts (for added protein)
  • water (as needed for consistency)

The Minty Melon Smoothie is our current favorite!  This recipe makes several servings.   I’m a HUGE fan of leftovers- cook once, eat twice.  Save it for tomorrow afternoon, make it into popsicles, or pour it into your Sili Squeeze and bring it to Stroller Strides in the morning!

Minty Melon Smoothie Juice

4 cups baby tatsoi & chard
4 cups green fleshed melon such as honeydew
1 cup mint
1 avocado
1/2 cup of almonds
5-6 ice cubes


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