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Layered Push Up

on August 10, 2012

This is an upper body and multitasking exercise…both of which are needed in motherhood!

DIRECTIONS: Get into push up position on either the knees or feet. Place one hand directly under the shoulder joint and the other out into a traditional position. Lower down into the push up with one elbow shooting straight back while the other bends to the side. Switch hands and repeat on the other side.


• Keep elbows soft at the top of the movement
• Keep belly tight and body in a straight line
• Head stays in alignment with the spine
 • B R E A T H E

To make this less intense, perform the push ups on your knees and/or stick with one version of the movement — not both. For wrist pain, opt instead for a chest press with the tubing.

*content courtesy of Stroller Strides Corporate


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