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5 Steps to A Healthy Home

on August 23, 2012

Step 1:  Avoid Pesticides 

Use non-toxic or the least toxic pest remedies – like soapy water to kill ants and boiling water to kill weeds. Good sanitation and proper food storage help to prevent pests.

Step 2:  Use Non-Toxic Products 

Look for natural, non-toxic cleaners, body care, and home furnishings. Read labels to learn what’s inside or call the manufacturer.  See how your products rate by using this site.

Step 3:  Clean Up Indoor Air 

Ventilate the home by opening windows. Grow indoor plants that naturally absorb impurities (Arcea palm, lady palm, bamboo palm, rubber plant, and Boston fern are effective options.) Vacuum at least twice a week using a HEPA filter, and/or mop floors.

Step 4:  Eat Healthy 

Choose organic foods as much as possible. Select fresh, dried or frozen vegetables and fruits, and make foods from scratch to avoid synthetic additives and preservatives.

Step 5:  Be Wise With Plastics 

Use alternatives to plastic as much as possible and safer plastics when necessary – especially with food and beverages (look for those numbered #2, 4, or 5). Avoid using plastic in the microwave and with warm or fatty foods and beverages.

*content courtesy of Stroller Strides Corporate.


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