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2nd Annual Plum Mom’s Club Busy Bag Exchange

on October 20, 2012
A busy bag is a zip-lock bag that contains a small, reusable activity that keeps your little one engaged.  They are perfect for restaurants, doctors offices and the busy holiday travel season.  Toddler activities focus on fine motor skills- opening closing, putting items in and out, sorting ect. Preschool bags build on these skills with number and letter recognition, patterns and activities that are just plain fun.  We are doing ONE swap.  If you sign-up for a toddler activity you will get the preschool bags as well (and vice-versa)!  There are TONS of ideas on pinterest.

If your baby is too young to use the activities right now you are still welcome to join the swap!  As you already know, they grow-up FAST.  Stash the bags in a closet and pull them out when Junior is ready to learn a new skill.
Here’s how it works:
  • Choose 1 busy bag activity from the google doc.  If you find a different activity that you’d like to make, go for it!  Just be sure to add it to the document so we don’t have any duplicates.
  • You make X number of the busy bag you selected.  If 10 people sign up you make 10 bags.
  • Keep each bag under $2- some of the ideas on the list may cost over $2.  It is up to you to be creative and figure out a way to keep the cost down.
  • Your bag does not have to look just like the one listed.  Be creative!
  • Put together the quality kind of bag you would want to receive in return.  This is really important to remember! Of course we want to be frugal but we also want the activity to hold up to toddler use.

The deadline to sign up is October 26th.  I will e-mail a final head count so everyone knows how many bags to make.
We will swap bags Friday, November 9th after Stroller Strides.  You don’t have to be present to participate but your bags do!  If you can’t make it to the swap give your bags to someone and they will collect the other busy bags for you.


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