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Imitating Mommy

on January 30, 2013
Future Stroller Strides Instructor

Future Stroller Strides Instructor

Children are sponges. From the moment they are born they are absorbing information from the world around them.  Learning doesn’t take place in isolated segments, it is happening all the time.  Every new sight and sound is a way to figure out the world.  We are teaching our children without even realizing it!

Almost every 2 year old knows what a phone is for. If you hand them a toy phone, they will place it to their ear and speak into it. They might mimic talking on the phone with other objects, like a banana. We don’t intentionally impart this knowledge on to our children in the same manner that we teach them their ABCs or how to ride a bike. Instead, the children learn through imitation. They see the importance our phones and other objects play in our daily lives, and take it upon themselves to mirror our actions with them.

Unfortunately, infants cannot distinguish between behaviors which will allow them to thrive into adulthood and those which would be better left unlearned. The image of mom swigging from a soda can or dad endlessly channel surfing can be just as compelling to a baby as a telephone. It’s up to us to determine which memories will take up a permanent presence in our children’s consciousness.

Take pride in knowing that by working out with us at Stroller Strides, you are not only taking good care of yourself, you are providing your child with a crucial component of their own well-being: positive associations with a healthy role model.  The memories imprinted of you taking time to care for yourself by exercising will guide your child for life!

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