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Apple Printing

on March 4, 2013
indexLooking for some fun activities to do at home?  Why not take “Ten Apples Up On Top” from playgroup today and have some more fun with it?  Charlotte and I enjoyed doing apple printing – she was surprisingly good at it!
  • paper
  • paint
  • paint brush
  • apples
  • good, sharp knife
  • cutting board
  • fork
  • bib, apron or paint shirt for your child to wear
TrainParty_2205We had some left over paper that an Amazon package had been packed with, and decided to make wrapping paper out of it.  I used chip clips and binder clips to secure it to our kitchen table.
I cut two apples two different directions.  One apple, I cut from top to bottom, near the stem, and the other I cut horizontally.  The vertical cut gave us a print that was shaped like an apple, but the horizontal cut left us with a neat star pattern made by the seeds.
Note: The first time I tried, I used a flimsy, old steak knife to cut the apple and the cutTrainParty_2219 wasn’t straight, so our prints weren’t turning out well.  I re-cut with a large, strong chef’s knife and everything worked a lot better after that.
After cutting the apples, I laid them cut-side-down on some paper towels to absorb some of the moisture – otherwise the paint doesn’t stick well.
TrainParty_2220I got Charlotte all decked out in an old Tshirt of mine, secured in the back with a binder clip, and away we went!
I stabbed the apples with a fork (it makes a handle!) and then painted the cut side.  Then, I handed them to Charlotte and showed her how to stamp with them.  Easy as that!  Older kids could dip their apples in the paint and then print, but we found that when the coat of paint was too thick, it just looked like a blob – sometimes, the lighter TrainParty_2222second print looked neater!
Have fun!

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