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The Next Chapter

on May 21, 2013
It is time for me to sell the Stroller Strides/ Fit 4 Mom Los Angeles Franchise. This was not an easy decision to make! Being a franchise owner has been incredible for my family and me.  But it is time for me to get back to my true passion, teaching elementary school.When I first started as a Stroller Strides client, I never imagined I would become a franchise owner.  After finding my stride as a franchise owner I never thought I would ever want to sell it! Learning to run my own business while tending to my two small children was challenging to say the least. But I believed and continue to believe that the only way to grow as a person is to constantly find new mountains to climb. As a Fit 4 Mom owner, I got in the best shape I’ve ever been and developed confidence in myself as a business owner.  But by far the best benefit has been the friendships I have made with so many amazing women I may never have had the pleasure of knowing otherwise.

When I made the decision to look for a new owner I knew I could not pass the torch to just anyone.  Stroller Strides/Fit 4 Mom isn’t just a workout that you can do with your baby, it’s a community of like minded women who support each other in their quest to raise healthy children. The new owner had to be someone who could maintain this AND take the franchise to the next level by offering more Fit 4 Mom programs such as Body Back.

With the help of the corporate team I have found the perfect fit -Roxana Reyes!  Roxy and her 9 month old daughter Adela have been taking Stroller Strides classes in Marina Del Rey/Culver City.  Roxy recently became a Stroller Strides instructor.  She is working on her personal trainer certification as well.  Fitness and nutrition have always been an important aspect of her life.  With a degree in Business Administration/Management and a minor in Accounting, Roxy spent 6 years as a bank supervisor.  When the time came to start her family she knew she didn’t want to work full time.  Since the birth of her daughter she has been a part time nanny.  Fit 4 Mom will allow Roxy to utilize all of her talents.

Effective June 1st Roxy will be the new owner of the Fit 4 Mom Los Angeles franchise.  But you can’t get rid of me that easily;)  Stroller Strides has been my life for the last two years- Kairo doesn’t know any other way to start his day!  While I look for a job in education I will continue to teach classes when needed and help plan Plum Mom’s Club activities.  We hope to make this transition has smooth as possible. All classes and activities will continue as planned!

Motherhood is by far the most challenging job i have ever had. But having a community of women to share the challenges and rewards, the sweat and the tears with has been priceless.  I could not have made through the last two years without you!  Thank you.

In Stride,
Ashley Pontell


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